Heart of a Mer
By FantasyOcean
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • captivity
  • dark
  • emotional
  • family
  • friendship
  • horror
  • mer
  • mermaid
  • merpeople
  • merperson
  • ocean
  • science
  • science-fantasy
  • sequel
  • transformation


Sequel to Cry of the Mer. Having left the Lemuria Institution - where so many horrors occured - far behind, Katie and Luna couldn't be more relieved to be free of the torment that still haunts their dreams. But they're far from at peace. Struggling with the onslaught of Post-Traumatic nightmares and stress, they both face new challenges. For Luna, finding the home and family she doesn't remember will be a difficult journey weighed down by a lack of self worth, and may come with a price too high to pay. And Katie - the halfbreed science project - must now try to find what being a Mer really means and find a place in one of two worlds no longer built for her. Sacrifices must be made, and with the ever constant threat of being rediscovered looming over their heads, both Mer feel it is only a matter of time before the storm breaks out once more and drags them back to the captivity where everything began.

Chapter One: Struggling

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Heart of...
by FantasyOcean