Newt x Reader
By newtfourgale
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Being the only girl in the Glade is hard for Y/N. She works in the kitchen, does the laundry, and hates both. To make matters worse, Gally never passes up an opportunity to antagonize her. Thankfully, she has her best friend Newt to support her and keep her away from Gally. But one fateful night changes everything, and Y/N may never be able to look at Newt the same again. *btw this is a CLEAN story, but fyi "clean" doesn't mean boring, it just means not dirty, so please don't ignore this story on account of that* This is my first story on Wattpad, but not my first TMR fanfic and certainly not my first story. I've been writing since I can remember and I am currently 17. Writer's block is so annoying, and proofreading isn't my favorite thing, so hopefully neither of those mess this up too much😬😅 ENJOY!!!!!❤️ **DISCLAIMER: I do not own TMR, its setting, its general idea, or its characters; the plot and Y/N's character are the only things that are mine**


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Newt x Re...
by newtfourgale