A New Paige
By ZaraTeleg
  • Romance
  • alpha
  • brotherhood
  • club
  • mc
  • motorcycle
  • romance
  • slow-burn


Stained Souls MC - Book 2 Would you risk losing the ones you love if it meant finally finding out the truth? Paige After being kidnapped and nearly killed by a drug cartel, I was forced to move to small-town Sugar Maple. Kai, the hot-as-hell biker who rescued me, is now my new landlord and makes me feel safe, but I can't let his womanizing ways distract me. No one, including my friends and family, can stop me from seeking the truth. The rabbit hole seems endless, and the dangers are real. I may not like what I find in Pandora's box, but I refuse to let anyone control my life again. Kai Saving Paige woke a part of me I thought was long dead. One look in those violet eyes and I knew I could never let anyone hurt her again. Now the tempting little spitfire is up to something, and I am going to find out what before she gets herself into trouble. Being her resident babysitter was not what I had in mind, but the closer we become, the harder the attraction is to ignore. She's off-limits and all I can think about. The Stained Souls will have my head if I go there, but she may be worth the risk. Will she be my downfall or my salvation?


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A New Pai...
by ZaraTeleg