The Visit
By Callum_James1972
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'For, you see, each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.' Those were the words Matt whispered in Emilia's ear as she fell asleep in his arms the previous night, and for the first time truly understands the meaning. Emilia has always struggled with self confidence resulting from a childhood devoid of parental love and where every decision was controlled for her. Up until now she's avoided Matt meeting her parents fearing how they could contaminate their relationship, but this is all about to end as her parents have decided to visit leaving Emilia helpless to prevent this happening. Even as she opens the door to her parents she fears for how they will take to Matt, and will Emilia find the voice which has always alluded her, or will her parents crashing back into her life destroy the fragile confidence she has gained?


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The Visit
by Callum_James1972