Misty II
By Iamnikki1
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Sequel to Misty _______________ The wind stopped. The birds rested on the branches. The squirrels peeked out from behind the leaves. The forest turned silent, covering these two souls from the glare of the afternoon sun. He stared at her radiant face. "We are different," she said softly, guilt glinting in her eyes. "Very different from each other. Our worlds aren't same." "Moon Goddess never makes a wrong decision. The Mist that your pack has taught you about, is an illusion, my mate." He told her with a small smile on his face. "A trick of mind it is. When you stop believing in its presence, it wouldn't be there. You will be able to see everything clearly." She cupped his cheek, rubbing her thumb against the bristles. "I can see everything clearly, my mate. I see the border of enmity between two packs." The smile that showed the delight of meeting his mate, now displayed the fear of uncertainty. But the Alpha blood running in his veins kept him warm. Confidence spread upon his heart as the inner beast told him the universal truth. Furthermore, the touch of his mate would always fill him with high spirit. "There can never be a barrier between lovers." He said the ultimate truth to the divine beauty, looking in her mischievous eyes. Her eyebrows raised and rested back slowly. Raising her chin, she watched him leaning his face downwards slightly in curiosity. Consequently, she brought her mouth closer to his ear, whispering the answer for him and the silent audience present in this forest, favouring him. "But we are not lovers, my mate. We are enemies."

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Misty II
by Iamnikki1