Crazy? Oh yes!
By aixa_1
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The five traits of a psychopath: •They're extremely charming •They don't experience remorse •They're really arrogant •They take big risk •They're master manipulators I put the hot in psychotic. Meet Daisy. A girl who's a teeny bit crazy. Ok, so scratch that a ton crazy. She has lived in an asylum since she was 10 now being released on her 18 birthday because she is now "cured". Society has never treated her nicely with her firey red hair and lightning blue eyes. Considering she lives in a world full of magical beings what's to be expected when a person of red hair is thought to be created from the depths of hell and sent to earth to end all magical creatures and restore the power mankind once had. There's a reason Daisy was born but rest assure it is for reason much more horrendous than any simple mind could think of. But Daisy isn't simple no she's extraordinary in every way possible she's just waiting for the perfect moment to show them the real her. If they thought she was crazy now they'll be in for a rude awaking.


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Crazy? Oh...
by aixa_1