All You Need Is A F...
By melodious_sunshine
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All you need is a family is story of a boy named Pratyush Vallabhaneni portrayed by our very own darling Prabhas. Pranathi reddy played by our very own Sweety Pratyush is self made Millionaire he has everything in his life like money good looks intelligence power strength good heart attitude everything but still his life is incomplete thus his happiness becouse he doesn't have family which he can say as his so Pratyush is in search of a family and his freind karan suggested if he marries he can get a family so for him marriage is a compromise which can give him a complete family which he can say as his. Pranathi is a ambitious and carrier oriented girl her only aim for now is to do her higher studies in harward University and become one of the greatest business women and make her late parents proud of her but her giant joint family is against her wish of studying in abroad her family wants to get her married soon and send her out of the family Now without her will Pranathi has agreed for marriage because once she gets married she will be out of her joint family which she hates most in the world and also gets her share of property so that she can complete her higher studies and fullfill her late parents wish of seeing her as a successful business woman.... For pranathi marriage is definitely a compromise Will Pratyush gets his own family by compromise called marriage? Is there any reason for Pranathi to hate her family? Will Pratyush or pranathi ever get love in this compromise called marriage? To know Answe for all these question please do read my book All you need is a family Cover credit to Drabblelove Started on 15-03-2000 Highest rank on 2nd April 2020 #2 in freindship out of 1k stories.

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All You N...
by melodious_sunshine