Impossible (Twiligh...
By CawaciLomani
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My name is Hailey Uley but Anderson for the time being. Yerp, you heard. I am the fiance of the Alpha of the pack in La Push. I may seem like someone who's kind but when you get on my nerve, you die. I am a fairy, part human, part siren. I have tattoos on my back that are actually my wings. I have dark black hair that reaches my calves. I know its really long but I can just use my magic and then everything is fixed. Im a powerful hybrid since my father was the king of Fairies and my mum is the Queen of mermaids since she's the powerful one of all mermaids and she's a siren. Girls said that I have a figure they'd die for and I strangely have purple eyes. I know weird. This is my story and I hope you guys like it.

Chapter 1

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by CawaciLomani