These Violent Delig...
By luna-auctor
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🚨READ WARNINGS// 18+ ONLY 🚨 Kylo Ren captured you with the intent of extracting Resistance intel from your mind. After the interrogation, he planned on torturing you and killing you with the cruelest stroke. But then he became a man obsessed. He had to have you. And make no mistake: Kylo Ren always gets what he wants. -as seen on ao3 under lunaxxx. -switches between (female) reader's POV and Kylo's. -Kylo's actions in this fic are possessive and coercive, and while this dynamic can be enjoyed in a safe, fictitious place such as ao3 and wattpad, this behavior is not healthy or safe if practiced in real life. Please read my warnings. 🚨WARNINGS🚨 -graphic depictions of violence (with some instances being directed at Y/N) -explicit sexual content (ALL consensual) -harmful, obsessive behavior (especially in earlier chapters) -intense, emotional turmoil (especially in later chapters) -abandonment triggers -unrealistic depiction of love 🚨CHAPTER SPECIFIC WARNINGS:🚨 -brutal psychological torture in ch 4 -brief depiction of sexual assault in ch 6 (not by Kylo) -lowkey dub-con trigger in ch 8 🚨 Y/N is not raped in the entirety of this fic. all sex is consensual. 🚨 that being said, this is FICTION. I enjoy what I write and will always try to put warnings before each chapter. have an issue with ANY warnings above? do not read it. :) **I would like to acknowledge that these 3 authors, in particular, helped shape my vision for These Violent Delights, and their content inspired/ aided me in my creative process while getting started.***** Three Blind Tooke by ElmiDol (ao3 and wattpad) Sinnerman by Punk_in_Docs (ao3) A fic no longer uploaded by Jay2Noir (ao3)


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These Vio...
by luna-auctor