Grudges of Rainbow...
By Liligaya15
  • Fantasy
  • action
  • dragons
  • empire
  • grudge
  • kingdom
  • mage
  • rogue
  • ruler
  • wolves
  • youngadult


Cyanna Mediore, a princess from the Kingdom of Mediore, has the spirit of a warrior. Women in their continent are only taught decency and art, but she's against this tradition, so she kept sneaking in the training house to learn sword-fighting. There, she met the foreign boy that was adopted and invited inside the walls of their kingdom. Rain, the boy with lilac eyes, yellowish-copper hair- he's an outcast but Cyanna's young heart suddenly felt something strange as they spent every night training with swords and fighting. Ten years later... Cyanna Mediore is now an exiled princess and a trained assassin named 'lost one' dressed up with a smudge of blood on her suit. Vladimir Thoisco 'Rain' Evionoire, a bloody Ore prince who stole their kingdom is now living in luxury. She thought she knew the whole story but realized that she's wrong as revelations from betrayal unfold a different story, unraveling something that she never thought was part of the twist- the colors of rainbow. Let us see how the grudges of the rainbow are awakened in this tale.

The Kingdoms

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Grudges o...
by Liligaya15