The Red Queen
By monica4048
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Anastasia Black. The rightful heir of the seven covens had left her throne to become the assassin of the Gods. In her quests, she unveils the hidden truths of her heritage and finds out her bloodline is not what it seems. For Magic and power always came with a price. The killer of men and the Lady of Death. Long live the Red Queen. PROLOGUE ~ "Who are you?" He says, his voice dangerously calm. His light grey stare staring me up and down, as he sits gloriously on his throne. I smirk and chuckle. What a sight I must've been. A lady in a white coat painted with blood, with a crazy gleam in her icy blue eyes, a bloody spoon on her right hand and cookie crumbs around her mouth. I pull back my hood then lift my gaze, letting my red locks cascade down my back, the infamous silver strand cascades down with it. Now all of them recognized me. The once stoic faces of the royal guards hold terror, the judging audience now cowering in fear. The ones that already recognized me before I pulled the hood, now nauseous. He was the only one who seemed unfazed. I raise my gaze to his, grey to blue, blue to grey. Only then was he shocked. I looked at him with curiosity. Something foreign planted itself in my heart. Something I haven't felt in long time.


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The Red Q...
by monica4048