The One Who Is Many...
By QueenoftheMonsters02
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Drago Son Uzumaki. A boy who was abandoned in an alleyway at the young age of 2 months by his parents for no apparent reason for they left no note or letter as to why they abandoned him. As little Drago cried and cried a man named Goku was walking along with bags of groceries since his wife Chi-Chi wanted him to go out and get them. When Goku heard Drago's cries he dropped the bags and rushed into the alleyway looking for Drago, after a few minutes of searching Goku found Drago and was horrified and shocked by what he saw. Goku saw that Drago was all dirty, malnourished, and a little sick looking, Goku immediately took action by taking off the top part of his Gi and wrapped baby Drago up in it to keep him warm and comfy. Goku then used Instant Transmission to get home and ever since then Drago has grown up with the Son family and has trained with everyone as well and life has been peaceful for him and the others........until now.

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The One W...
by QueenoftheMonsters02