Anything But Boring
By nourzambelli
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Taylor Andrews was born and raised in Savanna. She has been bullied since her first year of high school because of her weight, so she decided upon a therapeutic retreat at Ava's (her best - and only- friend) house during the summer. September soon rolls around and Taylor is nothing like her classmates have ever seen her: thin, toned, prominent curves, confident and especially, a real badass. Her almost over-night revolution swiftly lands her a boyfriend, leading her to drink, smoking occasionally, and attending parties with her best friend. On Taylor's eighteenth birthday, Ava decides to take her to a local band's concert. Everything seems to be going well... or at least she thought so until a drunk Taylor makes a mistake... Alex Tremblay is every high school's badass hottie with sin just exuding his every pore... But he's also Taylor's older brother's best friend. Alex is known for being a player, he has all the girls at his feet begging for just a touch. That is, all except for one: Taylor. And you know what they say: we love what we can't have. Despite various attempts at talking to her, the girl doesn't seem swayed neither by the looks nor that sweet-as-sin body of his. Well... almost... because one night, after him and his friends follows Ty at concert of one of his favourite band, The Deadshoots, although he knew she was drunk, Alex kissed Taylor. From that moment onwards, Alex doesn't seem to want to leave Taylor alone, turning into a BIG problem for the barely-legal Taylor. But will she be able not to take a bite of the forbidden fruit? Or maybe yet, could she and still get away with it? And also what happens when another boy takes interest in Taylor? Who will she chose? MATURE: - mature language - mature content - specific sex content - drug use

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by nourzambelli