Wild Watchtower: Sh...
By ALMcGurk
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Whoever Fiáin was born to be died along with her twin brother. She died when a strange white wolf came into their territory and murdered her brother in front of her. All her life, Fiáin had lived with the guilt of having hidden rather than trying to defend her twin, and it didn't matter to her that she had only been a cub herself, or that the effort would've been futile. In her eyes, her brother's loss was her fault. But just as painful as that guilt was the fear that accompanied it; a fear so relentless that she'd never taken her place in her pack, and had settled into a position only one rung above omega. But her family think she's failing to step up, and her father believes that if he just pushes her hard enough, her inner wolf will push back. Cróga, on the other hand, had always known his place. He'd grieved for his younger brother too, but as his father's heir and the subject of an elven oracle's dire prophecy, he couldn't let fear hold him back. Whatever dreams or desires he might have had didn't matter, because one day he would be an alpha male, and a commander of both the Tírgarda and a naval fleet, duty-bound to guard the coast of Tírlaochra from invading forces. His own guilt weighed heavily on him too, because the oracle had forewarned that he could only take his place once his father lost his life, and Cróga wasn't ready to face that loss, or to face his own self-doubt. When the white wolf reappears, Fiáin isn't prepared for her father's decision to send her away, to be the mate of a wolf she barely knows. She's even less prepared for a journey in the company of Styrkr, a male from across the sea who wants to travel Tírlaochra before taking more responsibility in his own pack. None of that matters for long, though, because when the black ships appear from the fog that blankets the sea, war returns to a land that's known peace for centuries, and both Fiáin and Cróga will need to find their places, for the good of everyone.


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Wild Watc...
by ALMcGurk