Daddy Issues - Ushi...
By saltysenpais
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"U-Ushijima san!" Sakura clams her eyes shut and bows in a sincere apology "Gomennasai!" She had shocked Ushijima Wakatoshi beyond beliefs and he couldn't help stare blankly at her. She was terrified, so terrified she was trembling. Not even her ex, Oikawa intimidated her so much. "Gomennasai!" She slowly raised her head to meet his eyes. She peeked at him with one of her eyes still closed only to see his expressionless face. Her eyes met his and she stopped breathing. She didn't understand the funny feeling she was getting. He was intimidating, tall and ginormous. He was towering over her ignoring his pounding head. "What's your name?" His gruff, heavy voice flatly asked after a few long seconds. She knew she was dead. ----- "T-Toshi san!" She moaned in his ear. "Who's your Daddy?" He huskily growled. "Y-You're daddy..." she whimpered almost loosening the knot in her stomach "You own me." "Good girl" I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS, THE ART OR THE PICTURES. CREDITS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATORS. If you see something that belongs to you or to someone you know please let me know so I can credit them. Thank you so much ♥️♥️


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Daddy Iss...
by saltysenpais