|| Crossing Paths ||
By TeddyBear_190
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BakuDeku: a demon!bakugou x human!midoriya au . . . I look back at him and chuckle, "what are you going to do? Pull the trigger?" "Might as well if you don't a- answer me." He states, now glaring at me, but the hint of fear still shows. I hummed, dropping the bag that was in my hands as I stepped closer to him, making him step back and out of the room. He held the gun with both of his hands now. "Since you are fucking desperate, the names Katuski Bakugou..." I trailed off and at full speed, I went behind him and knocked the gun out of his hands. He let out a gasp in surprise as I pulled both of his hands behind him and slammed him to the ground. He let out a groan when his chest hit the ground forcefully as he now started to panic. I chuckled at this, loving feeling dominated as my eyes glowed red, making him stare at me wide-eyed. "And I'm a fucking Demon." I growled, showing my fangs at him. "I can't fucking wait to have fun with you~" . . . ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Mature Content Profanity Killing/Torture Angst Fluff Lemon Suicidal Smut Masturbation . . . I don't own BNHA/MHA, only the fanfic.


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|| Crossi...
by TeddyBear_190