The Solution (2nd E...
By GeekAtlas
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(COMPLETE) In a dystopian China blighted by climate change, a troubled genius sets out to save mankind and redeem his family's honor, but not if his enemies have anything to do with it... By 2048 climate change is deadly and threatens the existence of all life on Earth. Subsequently, an unprecedented program called The Solution is set to be proposed by China's Environment Secretary, Xen Lai. A technical genius, Xen hopes that mankind can avoid the 'World-Ender' mega storm he's predicted is almost upon us... However, Xen is a troubled man who's recently done unthinkable things, and kept the wrong company... Naturally, his credibility is questioned once he gets exposed. Amid the controversy, Xen must heal a dreadful rift with his journalist brother, Chon Lai, who's been forced to lead coverage of Xen's scandal for BTV. Xen must also appease a ruthless activist in Robin Albers. And, Xen must outsmart the crime boss of the entire underworld, The Pink Lady. Only then, will his family have the chance to restore their honor, ascend, and fulfill mankind's destiny among the stars... @Wattpad , Williams weaves pop culture through this serialized masterpiece of Science Fiction, which in turn monopolizes the rising sub-genres of 'EasternPunk' and 'Climate Fiction' aka 'Cli-Fi'. To sum it up, 'In a Chinese future, it's 'Ready Player One' meets 'Interstellar'! [MATURE RATING-DISCLAIMER: EARLY POVS INDIRECTLY REFERENCE CONSENSUAL BDSM/KINK ACTIVITY - STORY DOES NOT HAVE ANY SCENES OF GRAPHIC SMUT OR DEPICTION OF NON-CONSENSUAL ACTIVITY]

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The Solut...
by GeekAtlas