Path towards light
By caesiumbae
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Meet Deena Eijaz, an autonomous courteous and gregarious girl. She had everything that she needed. She was beyond thankful towards Almighty for whatever he has given her. Her life was going fairly well until her friends started to fight with each other and move apart from one another. In other words it was a complete disaster! That's when she thought she needed to do something; something which could bring them together , something which could give them peacefulness. The only way was leading them towards din; to bring them back within the light of Islam. Now let's look at another soul; Ehan Ibn Arham. He has been moulded within worldly desires that he forgot about the hereafter and what his purpose for life is. He had whatever he needed but was never grateful in fact he was frustrated with everything. He needs help but he doesn't get any and it's not even like he asks for help because he thinks people might look down on him. But what he doesn't know is that it's never wrong asking for help, it's never wrong to turn back to Allah before it's too late. All he needs is a little help to enlighten him and bring back him towards the path of happiness but who's he going to get it from? Join the journey of Deena helping her friends to come back to the straight path. And can Ehan put his worldly desires aside for the sake of his hereafter? If so, who's going to help him do so? Started on- 10/03/'20 Ended on -

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