Into the Velvet
By help-me-think-of-one
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What does it mean to be an adult? After falling for her senior year teacher, Louise learns a harsh lesson on what adulthood isn't. Starting with a love story gone awry. *** For a seventeen-year-old, Louise is unusually mature. Enough to know that her affair with Mr. Cain should never have happened. The odds were near impossible. Yet somehow, such small encounters between two kindred people had helped create a dangerous spark, stoking the flames of a passionate love that will surely last the ages. But things aren't how they appear; nor do they go as planned. Who is Mr. Cain? What is he hiding? From the carnage of their star-crossed tale, can Louise save her friendships and rebuild herself from ruin? Our love songs aren't telling the whole truth. How can this be? In this tale of vulnerability, adolescence and painful reckoning, the arrogance of youth demands a hefty price. [120,000-150,000 words]

The End

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Into the...
by help-me-think-of-one