The Disastrous Life...
By shyaholicc
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Because of unknown reasons, the overpowered Kusuo Saiki suddenly appeared in a world that has people with supernatural abilities called quirks. Saiki: Today, I am also on my way to becoming an ordinary person. [It should be okay to use a little bit of force...right?] Normally getting admitted to UA High School with the destroyed 0 Pointer behind him. [What is this, disgusting.] Normally facing the attack of villains with unknown victims and their exposed brains embedded in the wall that could not be pulled out behind him. [Don't even think about it, Mineta!] Normally dealing with a group of dumb classmates, who are studying 100 uses of his superpowers every day. [Shut up, get out, don't come over.] Normally accepts the successive destruction of his childhood friends and is deeply skeptical of his daily life. [......I wanna die.]

The 1. Disastrous Day

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The Disas...
by shyaholicc