Cry of the Mer
By FantasyOcean
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • captive
  • dark
  • emotional
  • family
  • friendship
  • horror
  • mer
  • mermaid
  • merpeople
  • merperson
  • ocean
  • science
  • science-fantasy
  • transformation


Katherine Waters has several goals on her list. Graduate high school, get accepted into an advanced photography course, add another ten meters to her personal free-diving and deep-water diving records respectively. Waking up in the stark, sterile environment of an underground lab, part of a secret and illegal experiment definitely didn't make the list. Nor did discovering not only were mermaids not the stories of legends people thought they were, but advanced genetic manipulation had slotted her for an extreme physical transformation. Faced with an unknown future in captivity, forced to adjust to a new body and lifestyle completely alien to her, with only a psychologically damaged young Mer for company, Katie's life has taken a dramatic turn and she'd do anything to escape it, return home, and regain any sense of the normalcy she lost the moment she opened her eyes.

Chapter One: Captive

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Cry of th...
by FantasyOcean