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((New description)) ◤ He was only 14 years old when his ◥ brother was assassinated. Leaving him with the role of taking over his families neko company. With the pain of losing his brother and not having the chance at a real teenage life he became stale. Now at the age of 22 he's become worse, he has no patience and is angered very easily. That didn't last too long though after saving a mistreated neko he began having feelings he'd never felt before ◣and discovers a long held secret.◢ ((WARNING my book has some very serious topics, I PURPOSELY did not say their name in the description and this is one of my first books so yeah the grammar and such isn't amazing ALSO IM A HIGH SCHOOLER THAT HAS LITERALLY NO TIME FOR THIS BOOK SO I APOLOGIZE FOR BEING THAT PERSON THAT MAKES A BOOK THEN DOESNT FINISH IT RIGHT BEFORE THE END!

Chapter 1

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by lulu100500