Hora: War Between W...
By Phantom_Writer
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A Horarian Series: War between Worlds 20 years has passed and Ash and Xander had their three childrens. The first born are twins, the elder is a boy and the second one is a girl. Their youngest is a boy who posess a Lost Power. Maraming nagbago sa loob ng 20 years, a new generation is ready to take over but something happened. A mysterious Continent in the North of the Kingdom of Horarins, is ready to be explored. The Kingdom of Horarins is under the Rule of Ash. Ash decided to explore the Island and unleash the secrets within and find an answer to why the Continent is mysterious. 5 Years Later, a suspicious series of attacks happend in the Mortal Realm, specifically in the European Continent. Ash recieved the news and send some people to Investigate, the humans may not know the existence of Horarians nor the gateway to their world. A threat is raging his/her wrath in Mortal Realm and Ash cant just simple ignore this and with the New Generation is rising this problem may end their species. <Please read the first Book: Hora:Discovering before reading this.> Phantom_Writer [COMPLETED]


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Hora: War...
by Phantom_Writer