Bad Intentions
By CoffeeCatsCigarettes
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" Awe babygirl, you arent getting off the hook so easily." Ricky Fyne just moved to the NPW from Germany to begin her final year of college , as part of a program that allows over seas students to attend a semester in the States. A little rough around the edges, but polite she finds herself not so easily accepted by her peers. Until one day she accidentally drops her boiling hot coffee onto the lap of a man the seeps Trouble. Etzil Callum, Axel Anders, Ian Jord and Felix Ambrose and known around campus as ' Bad news'. They are tall dark and scary as hell. Closer than brothers they share a intresting secret. And when the cute little german girl stumbles into each of their lives, they might just be willing to to let her in on it. ... " Oh Shit!, I verry sorry! I not mean to! Are you okay?", Ricky rambled out in her broken english, her heavy German accent making it hard to fully understand her words. From her position on the floor, her freshly brewed cup of coffee now soaked the dark jeans of some poor mans crotch. Ricky rambled out as many apologies in english as she could all while scrambling from her knees. Standing up, the poor shmuck stood with her, now face to... chest? With the man she had to tilt her head up to look into his eyes. His very angry eyes, Ricky gulped.

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Bad Inten...
by CoffeeCatsCigarettes