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Horror // Thriller // Short Story ~ He wanted to kill me, but I lived. Now he just wants me. ~ After almost getting murdered, Evalyn finds her would-be killer now stalks her instead. He manages to keep eluding the police, and home security doesn't offer much protection either. As her life slowly falls apart, Evalyn can only hope her murderous stalker doesn't get what he wants. ~*~ 12Aug'22: Fully edited and over 1k new content added 👀 ⛈️ Part of the 2022 Stormy Nights Reading Challenge ⛈️ _________ Praise for WANT: the-little_mermaid That was amazing. The story gave me chills. I'll probably never be able to look through my bedroom window at night again! You are a truly talented writer. In a few short chapters you managed to totally bring me into the story, and I was totally into it. Writing like that is rare and hard to find. I'd give this the highest rating in the book! joanne_marie Wow Shimaira I'm officiallya a fan.... Phantom_Lover_xo CREEPY! You know it's a good book when you think you'll have nightmares about it! lol XD Arghie_291 Holy crud cakes, this story is amazing in the creepiest way ever! (in a good way, heck who am I kidding , the best way!) Am I weird for loving these horror/mystery books? Especially your books, You are such an amazing author! I don't even get scared, they just, make me wanna squeal... Aye_its_Batman-dy YOU AND YOUR WRITING JUST AHHEHEHEBFKRNFJISMSOA SNASSDFGHJKL

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