The Love We Share (...
By Write_4ever_
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Harrington boys series - Prequel to The Lies We Tell This is a Novella! ****** Marc Harrington was the first of the Harringtons to find love... but where did it all begin? ****** Marc Harrington isn't too happy about moving down to Carolina Beach with his family. Being the family joker, Marc hides his unhappiness under his jokes, everyone believing he doesn't mind the move. Jade Levv has one thing on her mind - graduating with a good mark. She made a promise to herself that she wouldn't let anything sidetrack her. One weekend, Marc comes to visit his brothers on campus and finds himself bewitched by the beautiful brunette that's friends with his brother. Jade, feeling the same, realises her plan of a stress-free, boy free and distraction-free year may not happen. Especially when Marc starts turning on the Harrington charm. ****** He is the first to fall in love, but how did he convince the girl of his dreams that there is more to him than jokes and a handsome face? ****** *Contains Sexual Content

Chapter 1

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The Love...
by Write_4ever_