The Innocence In Yo...
By Wanda_Romanoff
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WARNING!:There are many moments in this book that may cause triggers, including self harm, homophobes, attempted suicide, and abuse. Again, please read at your own risk. It all started with a field trip. Then they knew each other. Two unlikely heroes- Nope. It's different, not that regular happy meeting. Peter Parker. A 15 year old queens student. Tony Stark. A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. Tony Stark. Iron man. Peter Parker. Spider-Man. Alike in so many ways, but different too. They meet through an awkward event that make both of them wish it were a new chapter. Peter has never been treated right, nobody's seen at least 100 deaths by 15. Nobody except for Peter. He's hated his home, his life. But Spider-Man always made him feel stronger, more accomplished. What if Spider-Man made a mistake? Tony's falling apart, Virginia "Pepper" Potts was lost two years ago. He can still remember the heart breaking scene of telling her to let go, he would catch her. She let go. He didn't catch her. He's invested a lot of money in booze and drugs. What if Tony ended it all? Read to find out! All Characters Belong To "Marvel Cinematic Universe."


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The Innoc...
by Wanda_Romanoff