The Prince Of Madne...
By Snail-kun64
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[Slow Updates] Y/N L/N, One of the first Players in Yggdrasil and possibly the most strongest character in the game. "What is Yggdrasil?" you say... well Yggdrasil is a Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or for short DMMO-RPG. It's a type of game where you can immerse yourself in an Imaginary world. Yggdrasil was one of the top leading DMMO-RPG as it stood victorious over all of the others until it's own shut down date for the servers were announced as many began abandoning the game, some gathered EXP. but for Y/N... He decided to stay and enjoy his final moments in The Great Tomb of Nazarick with his Guild leader and Online friend Momonga-sama. let's just say things take a massive turn in Yggdrasil... (I Don't own any pictures or images used in this, as well as I don't own Soul Eater or Overlord, only the story) Highest ranking tags: (Don't mind them!) #139 on Malereader #4 on Mare #10 on Aura #46 on Soul eater #8 on etcetera #13 on Crona #2 on Kishin #3 on Overlord #1 on NPCs #3 on Sebas #2 on Nazarick #1 on Asura #2 on albedo #2 on Ains #2 on Cocytus #6 on Demiurge #3 on Shalltear

Y/N's Character/Information Sheet

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The Princ...
by Snail-kun64