Vehemently Yours,
By sheromania1012
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"Just because you are young, doesn't mean you can get away with what you did." Water dripped down his stern face. "And just cause you are old and wrinkly doesn't mean you get to speak to me like a child!" Rene hollered at Sebastian. "What did you say to me, little girl ?" His hand shot out, grabbing her waist and pushing her against the hardwood door. Rene felt the fear trickle down her as his eyes turned devilish and intense. She had never seen such eyes. It was almost black. His face was rugged as that scar runs across it. His beard was ragged and yet it made her clench her thighs tightly. "You heard me." She jutted her chin at him, daring him. "You gotta lot of nerve, Rene. I bet you don't talk to Dan this way do you ?" He cruelly smirked at her, his fingers tracing her collar bones and slowly dipping down her plaid shirt. "That's my dad, you jackass! You are nothing but a business partner to him." She spat the words at him. Her body was livid and not only because she was angry. "Is that right ? Then riddle me this, why did he let you stay alone with me? Could it be he knew I would never touch his little girl or the fact that you like the old and gold?" _ Hill Swartz LLP is founded by Sebastian Hill and Daniel Swartz and they run their law firm like a well-oiled machine but their professional and private lives are sovereignly apart. A crucial call summons Daniel to drop everything and attend to his ailing father. In midst of law college, Rene Swartz can't go nor can she stay at home. Being her overprotective dad's precious girl, Daniel entrust her into the hands of his firm partner. Sebastian takes one look at Rene and admittedly, all it took was just one look to create a chasm that wasn't deep enough for the mess they were about to make. Yet the vehemence of the situation is so tempestuous and tragic that it will alter the pursue of emotions altogether. How far will they fall? [First Book of the V-series] A Stand-alone Novel.

1.Yours truly

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