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In early 16th century Europe, Elias Steele, a poor but talented silversmith resides in the small town of Marewood, Gandalwell with his loving wife. He is put to death by order of the King and Prince after being accused of having a hand in the disappearance of the Princess of Gandalwell but is given another chance at life by a witch with a grudge against the crown. Elias is again tossed into the world but as a new being with a tainted soul. As he plots his revenge against the monarch, he soon chooses a goal he is determined to accomplish with his new found power but it is soon revealed that there are larger forces at work when the world as he knows it begins to change or rather, show its true self. This is the story of his Rebirth. Book 1 of the Rebirth Triology. ⚠️ WARNING⚠️ : This book contains graphic scenes of gore and violence, mature language and sexual content. Read at your own discretion. • 1st Place Winner 🥇 in the "Vampire/Werewolf" category in The Mermaid Awards 2020 • 1st Place Winner 🥇 in the "Vampire and Werewolf" category in the Fireworks Awards 2020

Rebirth (Trailer)

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