Fuck Me, Wreck Me...
By bookblinded
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"I do this to others, I don't want to hurt you." "Yet you already did. Physically, mentally... But it hurts so good." "But Jimin-" "I love you, Y/N. I really do. Please. fuck me, wreck me, dominate me." A girl with multiple friends with benefits tries to control her emotions as she takes control in the bedroom. And because of this, she becomes desperate of meeting someone who loves her as a partner and not a sex buddy. But when she meets a very shy yet perverted boy, her wishes would finally come true. •DISLCAIMER• •This book is made NOT to sexualize Park Jimin of BTS or anyone mentioned in this story. •This is just a story, don't take it too seriously. •All quotes that are used in this story are not mine, credits to the rightful owners. •slow updates and messy writing •enjoy Date Started: March 21, 2020 Date Completed: Ongoing

Prologue | Edited (again, last time I swear-)

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Fuck Me...
by bookblinded