Within My Shadow [O...
By TakiZyn
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Where knowledge pools, so does potential, and when that potential burns, it rips a hole in the universe. Victor and Jasper are Redeemers, members of a secret organization that keeps alien tech out of the hands of Earth's general population. While they sometimes get to track down cool relics, their apprentice status usually limits them to helping their teacher distract those who stick their noses where they shouldn't. When Jasper's savior complex gets them trapped in a burning library, Victor awakens in an unfamiliar world where he's stuck in a body that looks like his but is controlled by someone else. The only way he can get home is the same way he got here-burn down a place of potential-but in this alternate reality, libraries and universities have ceased to exist. AI overlords assimilate any free humans they catch, and Victor's sudden appearance helps them capture this world's version of Jasper. Victor determines to rescue his friend and return to his reality, but accomplishing that might mean giving up more than he's willing to lose. __ Written for the Open Novella Contest 2020 A stand-alone story

Chapter 1: Burning Doubt

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Within My...
by TakiZyn