Laws of Immortality...
By notalovegod
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FEATURED by @action ambassador profile in Fantasy in Action Life as an immortal is not really hard. For one thing, you don't have to worry about getting killed if you are not banished. You just have to follow three simple laws. The other laws are minor ones that you can easily bend. 1. You must obey and follow all orders and instructions that are issued by the Council of Immortals. Anyone who disobeys or questions the authority of the Council will be banished. 2. You shall not expose a mortal to the immortal world without the approval of the council. 3. You must kill your true mate within a week of spotting him/her. See? Not that hard seeing as true mates are mostly humans. Only they didn't specify what to do if your true mate happened to be an immortal too, and neither of them wants to die while killing each other isn't easy as it seems. Cover by @newsies- -Featured by @action in Fantasy in Action -Featured by @magic in Magically heart fluttering. -Featured by @newlywrittenbooks in A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action. -Featured by @YAFantasy in Urban Fantasy. -2nd Place in The Fam Awards, Fantasy. -3rd Place in The Young Writers Awards 2020, Paranormal -3rd Place in VraveĆ­o Elite, Action/ Adventure


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Laws of I...
by notalovegod