The Pirate Kings
By moonmorningstar
  • Science Fiction
  • action
  • adventure
  • alternateuniverse
  • dystopian
  • futuristic
  • mystery
  • pirates
  • plottwist
  • robots
  • sciencefiction
  • society
  • technology


From the first book of "The Chronicles Of The After-World". Isabelle lives a peaceful and luxurious life in the capital of Atlas, Libercity: a wealthy and well advanced technologic nation. But everything she ever suspected on the government becomes a reality when a dreadful rebellion has place in the Longevity club. That night, a stranger saves her life, and a hooded man begins to chase her into the crowded streets. And only when she gets kidnapped by some weird people Isabelle will unveil the truth that has been hidden by the Masters for all these decades. The idyllic and perfect society she thought she was living in has a thick veil of dark and deep secrets that carries with it the pain of a long generation of humans - and animals. Cover by the amazing @TheTigerWriter

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The Pirat...
by moonmorningstar