The Naive Rebel
By _meethi_
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an indian fiction. ━━━━ ♛ ━━━━ "If he was fire, she sure wasn't ice." ━━━━ ♛ ━━━━ Have you ever heard of a Literature student dealing with guns and criminals? Probably only in Shakespearean art, but now we are in 21st Century and we repeat the tale but with nail biting twists and turns painted in modernized world. Inaayat Kapoor is pushed (literally) into the world of guns, criminals, agents and (also) physics and math. Here, now she deals with the problems of her life along with fighting off the numericals and torturing lectures. With a male help by her side, they strive to find the guilty, fighting their hidden demons. Join her in this journey where she clumsily makes her way to prove her career choice and fight against the ancestral beliefs-this is a story of THE NAIVE REBEL. ━━━━ ♛ ━━━━ "Have you seen me walking, I stumble on a straight road. I am clumsy as hell." I tell him, pouting my lips and hands resting on my waist. An amused smile makes a way on his face, he gets up from the bed and walks towards me. He reduces the distance between us, a hand snaking around my waist and pulls me closer. Bending a little, he whispers in my ear, "Every weakness is a strength." ━━━━ ♛ ━━━━ #1- wattpadin #7 in youngadultreads #1st Position- under Mystery in Undiscovered Awards #2nd Position in Kohinoor Awards (Action) #2nd Position in Writer's Glory Awards (Humour) It is an Indian fiction and completely written in English, and there is nothing which the Non- Indians won't understand. an adventure of a naive rebel; all copyrights belong to @_meethi_ [[genre: humour|| mystery-thriller|| action|| romance]]

♛| prologue |

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The Naive...
by _meethi_