My First Love (YiZh...
By InfinityLM44
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"BoBo... You are my first love... My love at first sight... Am I your first love too?" That girl excitedly asked while looking up her soon to be husband. "You are my first love..." Her husband replied while looking up at the sky. Somewhere unknown place a boy finally come back at his small room. Suddenly his wind chime start blowing. He smile while looking at the wind chime. "Though your this gift.. Wind chime.. Always remind me about you.. Still I didn't remove it.. Though you finally made me realise how much worthless I am... Still.... You are my first love...." That boy said with his bright smile. Who was who's first love here? Who lost everything here? Who win here? Who is in pain? Who is extremely pain but no one knows? Who have everything still don't have anything? All questions will be answered.... Here is the journey begins of three peoples lives.


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My First...
by InfinityLM44