The Demigod Sorcere...
By saya_kaher
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this is a fem! Percy fanfic where she is betrayed by most of her friends. She is banished by the gods and disowned by her father as she is thrown out of the godly world. Her mother also abandons her. So after all this, she joins SHIELD after being brought in by our 2 favorite assassins and becomes and assassin. Everyone thinks that she is dead when she ends up with Doctor strange and her Assassin partner in the New York sanctum. She gets adopted by Doctor Strange and finally settles down but what happens when the gods who threw her out, drag her back in. what if an old enemy is coming as a new threat? will she fight along side the gods, will she sit it out, will she join the enemy or will she do something different? (If this description is boring, i promise you that the story is not.)

I fight the god of lies and mischief

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The Demig...
by saya_kaher