Broken Hunger
By Tash91
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Excerpt - Coming to amazon soon! Humanity was not a term to be used loosely. Once lost, it is believed to never be attainable again. Vieri knew this all too well. She had firsthand experience at feeling yourself slip away until you didn't much care what was left of the person you used to be. Nor for it to be replaced with darkness thick enough to welcome all your demons home. Without the other half of her soul, her fated, she never stood a chance. Blood lust fueled her every waking moment and the bodies of her growing hunger were noticeably piling up. There was only one man that could save her from herself, but was he going to be too late? If ever there was an Alpha that felt out of place in his own damn skin, it was Rainier Delmont. His glamour of confidence was strong and the pack of Nightshade might have been fooled by his dominance, but the Alpha, the man himself, knew better. Enter a vampire with an itchy fang and he might be forced to defend his territory against the very female meant to be his future.

Introduction & Cast

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Broken Hu...
by Tash91