Happy But Broken (B...
By UwU_Anime
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Kimiko Akuyaki is the second child of the Akuyaki family, who are known for being the world's biggest hero agency, are allies with every hero agency, with her dad being number 3 hero, Adrastos and her mother being one of Japan's best detectives. Kimiko wasn't like every normal kid with just one quirk but with seven quirks and include two magical guardians(who are linked to two of her quirks). She was homeschooled all her life but her parents recommended her in the most prestigious school UA so she can fulfill their plan of beating the number one hero, All Might(just like Shoto). Outside her home, she is an innocent, joyful, adorable, spunky, dense(like a mother trucker)and positive girl but when she is at home, it's different she's nothing but an emotionless person since her parents expect her to be the perfect tool, they don't want her going weak and don't care about her feelings. When she enters UA, everyone had immediately grown attached to her and wanted to be friends with her or maybe even more, including some villains, time will tell. Join Kimiko as she begins her dream to becoming a hero and overcoming her depressing past. Warning: cursing(since angry boom-boom man is in here) ,seducing and depressing scenes. Began~April 1,2020 Completed~ Updates will be slow... Highest Ranks: #mhaxreader (Rank: 7 out 1,000+ stories) #songfic (Rank: 30 out of 1,000+ stories) #jirou (Rank: 54 out of 1,000+ stories) #ochaco (Rank: 45 out of 1,000+ stories) #eijiro (Rank: 47 out of 1,000+ stories) #tsuyu (Rank: 74 out of 1,000+ stories) #yaoyorozu (Rank: 68 out of 1,000+ stories) #bnhaxreader (Rank: 41 out of 1,000+ stories) #ocstory (Rank: 102 out of 1,000+ stories) #shinso (Rank: 152 out of 1,000+ stories) #iida (Rank: 205 out of 1,000+ stories) DISCLAIMER I don't own My Hero Academia, that belongs to Kohei Horikoshi. Some of the OCs were created by me and the pictures that I put in my story came from Pinterest.

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Happy But...
by UwU_Anime