Who? What? Why? Whe...
By creativeboo
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Who? What? Why? When? Where? Highland Park California, Los Angeles USA was forever changing. She felt like her life is constantly twisting and turning in different directions and pulling her under like a forever moving current. The neighbourhood that she grew up is forever increasing in poverty and the violence grew too much for her neighbourhood to sustain. But her childhood was still the best she could ever hope for she still felt safe in some ways. That was until what happened. That dreadful night. The night that had the potential for so much joy so much happiness, that could have been wonders. But it wasn't. It was a nightmare. That was the night hers and others whole world came crashing down. That was the night that she lost the only friend that she truly cared about. Only then she realised that the violence was too much. But did she give up hope? Of course, she did not. She knew her friend was still out there everyone called her stupid and naïve. But she knew he wasn't dead. She will not stop. She made promises that she has to keep. And she will make good of her promises. He is not dead to her. And her neighbourhood will be safe again. Does include strong language and has themes of Suicide and PTSD. (These are serious mental health conditions, if you are experiencing any of these please seek help. You are never alone.)

Main Characters:

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Who? What...
by creativeboo