✓ Utterly Forgett...
By MonicaGuerraLeiria
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[ONC 2020 Longlister] The dying are easier to love than the living. Palliative carer Josh Winters has made it his life's mission to care for the dying. There's a beauty to bringing joy to someone's final months, and a simplicity, that soothes him even though each loss tears away at his core. A news report about a former millionaire, now living on the streets, upends his life. Emery Hall once meant the world to him, right until the moment he uttered words Josh still can't bring himself to forgive. Their shared past doesn't mean Josh doesn't care. He must find a way to convince the proud homeless man to accept the help he needs. But the past Josh must let go of in order to succeed might not be what he's always believed. It seems Emery isn't quite done upending Josh's world. First draft, complete in 16 chapters. Utterly Forgettable is a tale about love and forgiveness, heartbreak and healing, preconceived notions and second chances; it's also an exploration of end-of-life care, and a romance between two men in their forties. Utterly Forgettable was written for the Open Novella Contest 2020 and based on prompt #4: When something tragic happens, it's often said we lose a piece of ourselves. How far would you go to find these lost parts of yourself in order to be whole again?

Chapter One

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✓ Utter...
by MonicaGuerraLeiria