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|| C O M P L E T E D || In a town where human and werewolves coexist peacefully and even carry out the life routine together, lives two young alphas with their packs, looking after the human and the wolves. Kim Taehyung, one of the young alphas, is a cold-hearted and ruthless leader when it comes to protecting the town. Only one thing, one person, that could melt his heart. His mate. Spending over a year, just watching his mate in that school, not being able to touch her, will he be able to still wait for her? Min Gyuri, the younger sister of the alpha of the South pack. Due to her phobia, she makes sure to stay hidden most of the time. She always seen with Samuel Kim, the only non-family-related male that she's not afraid of. Because of her phobia, she didn't think much about mate. But what if one day, she found her mate? Will she finally open her heart for him? Highest Ranking #2 in seokjin (8/5/2020) #1 in seokjin (9/5/2020) #2 in jhope (15/5/2020) #1 in yoongi (20/5/2020) #1 in btsfanfic (20/5/2020) #1 in btsv (28/6/2020)

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