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By maebemin
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{COMPLETE/UNDER EDITING} ~~~~ Rose Williams. An average 18 year old teenager who has a good heart. She loved and cared for her loved ones and never once hated others. Also, she treated others like how others wished to be treated. Everyone in her neighborhood adored her for her kindness. She had a pure soul. At least that's what it seems. Rose has been getting more nightmares and they even get more worse. She has no family nor relatives to rely on, yet a kind old lady took her in at the age of 7 when she was abandoned. Rose didn't remember anything before that. What happens if a certain someone comes into her life? Will she be able to remember her lost memories? Will she be able to find her family or relatives? And, will she find the love of her life? ~~~~ "Life is full of mysteries.." ~~~~ {Warning: ew grammar}

Chapter 1

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pure soul...
by maebemin