Stars and Sabers
By PineapplesAndPapes
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Jalani Hal'star at thirteen years old feels a connection to someone, that she's never met before while trying to find food for her six younger sisters. In a world where even using the force is illegal, Jalani discovers the truth behind her powers and embarks on adventures across the galaxy. She meets new friends, remedies and destroys relationships with her old ones, trains in her powers, travels to the past, and falls in love. Watch Jalani grow through her challenges, discover the truth behind what happened to her parents, and join the fight in saving the galaxy. Oneshot book(ish) with sort of a disconnected storyline going on. NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER!!! These will NOT follow the movies either. Jalani and all of the other OCs are mine. I don't own Star Wars or any of the characters that you recognize from the movies in it. Read the Author's Prologue for more background info..please please please read that before you start the book. It's not just an author's note and you will miss important details that you will want to know for the story.

Author's Prologue

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Stars and...
by PineapplesAndPapes