Fighting the past
By Meghavi_04
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"I hate you asshole." I smack him on his chest. "But I like you Blues, " a small smirk plays up on his face as he nears closer. He's so close right now that if even one of us move, our lips could touch. "Asshole stay away from me, I'm dangerous and you know that, also not to mention my boyfriend who would gladly beat you to pulp for even eyeing me." I push off his chest and start to walk away but he harshly grabs my hand and spins me back. "I don't care about that bitch, all I can ever think about is you." With the words leaving his mouth he smashes his lips onto mine. His minty taste evades my mouth and it feels heavenly. My lips mould to his and I respond back. This is so wrong I have a boyfriend who is my gang leader and I'm still falling for the asshole instead. I push back and start to walk off ,"I can't." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If Valerie had been told one year ago, that on the first day of senior year she would be out getting wasted, she would have smacked you...hard. After her mum's tragic incident, Valerie forgot how to live. Her life is now filled with darkness, and she's taken a new way of dealing with problems; Drugs, Alcohol, Hook-ups and joining a gang. Her dad's fallen into depression and couldn't care less about what his daughter is up to. He's never around and when he is, he's always high. Valerie thought her life couldn't get any worse than it already was, but then something happens that changes her forever... Then there is Ian Clinton, rude, arrogant and aggressive. After getting suspended from his previous school he moves into Hepworth High for a new start. Avoiding everyone and everything in his way, he wants no distraction. He wants to accomplish his goal of getting a scholarship in football. But what will happen when he walks into a school and he comes face to face with his main distraction. His dreams start to fall apart and he gets distracted.


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by Meghavi_04