His First July
By Emelradine
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With only one month left to live, Colby Willis' parents decided that it was time for him to live his life like an actual 18 year old boy, with friends, parties and fun! And what better ways to do that than attending Highschool? ***** Colby Willis, an 18 year old boy whose life had only consisted of his home and the hospital, goes to highschool for the first time. Homeschooled all his life, he only had a pinch of highschool due to the numerous amount of highschool movies he had seen. And yes, he thought he had seen and known everything there is to know about highschool, and yes, he thought it was just a mere waste of time, but then he met Dany. Daniella Varis, an 18 year old girl whose life had been molding up to the final moments of highschool and graduation. Student board president of ICHS, and everybody's sweetheart; thought she had everything and anything every Highschool teenager would dream of; love, family, the perfect set of friends and a positive aura. But when a certain boy with the darkest caramel blonde hair, quirky glasses and an easy going smile, entered her life, her whole perspective about highschool and life in total, Changed. _ AN ICHS LOVE STORY


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His First...
by Emelradine