My Queen (Tet x Fem...
By Sevens_Waifu23
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Unknown: Do you want to play a game? ~ "Y/n." He turns to me while smiling. "Would you perhaps... like to become a god, along side me?" ~ "Will you, (full name), take my hand in marriage?" ~ The best friend and rival of one heck of a duo of siblings called blank. Herself, the childhood friend of them, called "Empty". When her only friends go missing one day from her world.. What will happen when a pair of hands grab her through her computer screen? What lyes ahead on her new journey of her new world? THIS WAS MADE WHEN I WAS LIKE 3 OR 4 YEARS AGO WHEN I FIRST STARTED WATTPAD SO I APOLOGIZE BECAUSE ITS RUSHED AND WAY TO FAST OF DEVELOPMENT! (Also my first story heh) ⚠️ (I don't own 'no game no life', the images used in this story,(unless said), or any of the characters in this book, including you!) ⚠️

Things you need to know:

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My Queen...
by Sevens_Waifu23