The Mermaid Queen [...
By apwwrites
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Victoria Stone, the Queen of all mermaids, is known for being like her name, stone cold. Hearing rumors of littering by the new family on her territory, she goes to check it out. She is shocked to see a sweet, platinum-haired goddess cleaning up after her family. Adalee Evans, known as a ray of sunshine. She lights up a room the moment she walks in. She and her abusive dad move to a house on the waterfront when the last town got a whiff of what he was doing to her. At one of the parties where this alluring girl's dad requires her to wait on him and his friends, she sees something she shouldn't have. To protect the kingdom's secret, Victoria tries to erase the beautiful girl's knowledge of mermaids but is unexpectedly unable to. Leaving Adalee confused about what she thinks was a dream, she is determined to find out the truth. A story of a serious Queen and naïve girl, and how they collide in a sea of unexpected turns.

Chapter 1

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The Merma...
by apwwrites