Band Mate Lovers
By Pure-BloodPrincess12
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  • taehyung
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  • yoongi


Short BTS Omegaverse Story. BTS debuted not too long ago and they are all developing crushes on each other as they help each other through their heats and ruts. They all know they have their mates in the band - but what will happen if they confessed their love for one another? Would the other band mates support them? Will their managers and Bang PD support them? Will ARMY support them? From the beginning, they helped each other as 'close friends' the help release some of the pain of their ruts and heats. Will they tell each other about their love for the other whilst having to deal with hate, dance practices, producing music and dedicating time to ARMY? What happens when they find out about the secret fandom of ships and more? Summary of Namjin, Sope and Jikook. Enjoy! 💜

Chapter 1 - Toothbrushes and Crushes

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Band Mate...
by Pure-BloodPrincess12