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(Official cover design ©2020 by TEMY DESIGNS. Wattpad cover will remain on here after BOL&S will be published.) "Beloved of Land & Sea" {Ocean Turmoil: Book 1} {Completed} - Gaia hides a secret, one that only her parents know about. One night, she heads out to a beach party and someone pushes her into the ocean. She gets thrown with the current and everyone believes that she drowned when they don't see her reappear. But that's the problem, when she goes underwater her life is changed drastically forever. "Victim of a Werewolf Prince" {Ocean Turmoil: Book 2} - Jena has always wondered why she felt drawn to the surface of the ocean during a full moon and when she gets closer towards land, she sees something that changed her life forever and must make a decision if she should remain a Mer forever or follow her heart to be with Ashton, a werewolf Prince of his land? -------------------- © Copyrights of work go to E.J. Powell 2014-2020.

"Beloved of Land & Sea" Chapter 1

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by BloodyRoseThorns